Should I Move My Florida Small Business?

Should I Move My Florida Small Business?

Should I Move My Florida Small Business?

For many enterprises, one of the most important choices will be location. Deciding where to open your own business usually involves considering numerous factors. However, after you open up shop, your circumstances and needs may shift. In time, changing your site may be more beneficial to your operations. Should I move my Florida small business?

Deciding to change locations is an important decision that could significantly impact the business, employees, and future revenue. There are several issues to consider, all of which should be discussed with an experienced Florida small business attorney. Some of the areas to cover with your small business lawyer are as follows:

Real Estate Leases

One of the first issues to consider is real estate. If you have an existing commercial lease and you want to move, you will need to consult your agreement. If your lease term is ending, the move may not impact your agreement. However, your business may still be bound by the lease. In that case, you will need to review certain issues. For instance, does your lease provide for you to terminate the agreement early? Are you considering moving because the landlord has breached a lease term? Is there a way to negotiate with the property owner? You and your Florida small business attorney can review your existing lease and discuss your options.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Relocating your existing small business may be attractive, but this type of move must make financial sense. Therefore, before taking action, you will want to research how much a move will cost. In addition, you will want to be certain that you have an accurate financial picture before taking action. Conducting a cost-benefit analysis is an important part of the process that should be discussed with your Florida small business attorney.

Your Proposed Location

Once you have evaluated the fiscal aspects of moving your Florida small business, you will need to investigate your proposed location. Part of your inquiry should include learning more about the landlord, the area, and any other municipal regulations that may be connected to the proposed site. For example, is the property zoned for business use? Will you need to adapt the existing structure? If so, will you need to obtain a permit or other approval? Examining a proposed location before you move your small business can be complicated, and it’s important to work with an experienced Florida small business attorney during the process.

Negotiating a New Small Business Lease

One of the most important aspects of moving a Florida small business will be negotiating the terms of your lease. These agreements include numerous terms, and it’s crucial that you have the advice of an experienced Florida business attorney when reviewing your proposed lease. The agreement will bind you and your landlord, and it’s vital that you understand everything you will be required to do to avoid a breach. Likewise, you will need to know your landlord’s responsibilities. Your Florida business attorney can help you review your lease and develop terms that support your business goals.

Relocating a Florida small business may be a great decision for your enterprise. However, it’s vital that you work with an experienced Florida small business attorney beforehand. Your lawyer can help you evaluate your existing obligations, the timing, and the fiscal impact. In addition, your counsel can help protect your interest as you examine the proposed site, obtain necessary permits, and negotiate new agreements.

Contact an Experienced Florida Business Lawyer

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